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Gas Operations

Atlanta Gas Light has been in the natural gas business for nearly 150 years—designing and analyzing gas systems is our business. Our network of underground pipes and other gas facilities are an industry standard for operational efficiency. Why not utilize our experience and expertise to improve your company's gas operations?

Our skilled staff provides a wide range of technical and engineering services for gas system operators and underground construction companies across the southeastern United States.

What can Atlanta Gas Light offer you? 

  • One-stop shopping for gas system operations
  • Full-scope engineering
  • Multidisciplinary capabilities
  • Operation and maintenance expertise
  • Technical and professional services

To learn more about any of the following services or to arrange a consultation, contact newbusinessdevelopment@aglresources.com.

Gas Operation Services
We offer construction, telecommunications, engineering and training services tailored to suit the needs of your individual gas operations.

  • Gas distribution maintenance
  • Construction management
  • Leak surveys and repairs
  • Field personnel training
  • Engineering and design services

Gas Systems Consulting
Atlanta Gas Light can help you manage your gas operations safely and efficiently. Our professional consulting services include:

  • Mapping services
  • Engineering
  • Gas analysis/gas control
  • Compliance audits
  • Corrosion control

Underground Construction Services
Our construction, telecommunications and consulting services on underground construction projects include telecommunication, water, cable and electric.

Construction Management
Need to replace your gas pipeline system? Whether it’s a partial or total replacement, let us manage the job. Atlanta Gas Light can design, plan and create a bid package and/or install underground gas pipelines for any job, from small-diameter house lines to large-diameter distribution main lines, using plastic or steel pipe, for a wide range of operating pressures. We can custom-build and install meter and regulator sets to provide metering equipment that is locally or remotely read.

Power Plant Operations and Maintenance
We currently provide operation and maintenance services to power plant facilities throughout southeastern United States. We offer a full range of services including, but not limited to the following:

  • Compliance reporting
  • Operation procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • System inspection, maintenance and repair

We will ensure that your gas system complies with all state and federal guidelines.

Engineering and Design Services
Our skilled staff provides a wide range of technical and engineering services for gas system operators, underground construction companies and power companies. They understand the value of taking advantage of our experience and expertise.

Need help on Georgia Department of Transportation right-of-way issues? We’ve spent years working with GDOT and building professional relationships. Our staff can assist you with compliance and regulatory issues.

Atlanta Gas Light can advise your company on compliance with safety regulations involving system mapping and in drafting written procedures for Operations and Maintenance Manuals and Emergency Response Plans. We can provide technical assistance or perform the actual work.

To find out more about any of our gas operations and underground construction services or to arrange a consultation, contact newbusinessdevelopment@aglresources.com