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No More Waiting for Residential Meters!

MeterExpress is designed to save residential builders time and money by getting the natural gas flowing to your homes more quickly. Our MeterExpress service is a one-stop process for setting new residential meters, which gives you control over when a fuel line is connected and light-up takes place. In most cases, meters are set when the service line is installed. Once a new home passes inspection, a licensed HVAC/plumbing contractor may tie in the home’s fuel line to the outlet valve, and then light and test the gas appliances.

Note: Before a contractor can light the equipment, builders first must establish an account with a certified natural gas marketer. If you have signed a builder agreement with a marketer, contact our Energy Connection Center directly to activate the account—800.599.3770, select option 3.

Other benefits of MeterExpress:

  • Once a line is installed by our professional technicians and the meter has been set, builders can turn on the natural gas, pending a current inspection, at any time during construction.
  • Builders can activate multiple meters at once.
  • Meters can be activated on weekends, holidays or at the first cold snap—with no waiting.