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Pipeline Replacement Program

The Atlanta Gas Light Pipeline Replacement Program is a 15-year project to replace more than 2,700 miles of bare steel and cast iron natural gas pipeline in Georgia, replacing them with state-of-the-art plastic and steel pipes. The program will be complete in 2013.

While work is in progress, there may be temporary inconveniences to residents. AGL will strive to minimize any impact in your community during construction. Because we believe in environmental stewardship, we take great care in implementing the best construction practices to protect trees and plants in your community. We follow all state, county and city ordinances and regulations that protect the environment during construction projects.

Learn more about the construction and restoration process here.

How This Program May Affect Your Neighborhood

If the Pipeline Replacement Program affects your neighborhood, you will receive a letter with the names and telephone numbers of the authorized contractors doing the work in your neighborhood as well as the AGL representative responsible for the project.

The process starts with replacement of the gas main, followed by the service lines to residences and businesses. To finish the replacements, we have to turn off gas service for a short period of time.

To restore service, our authorized contractor or qualified field service representative will schedule a time to enter your home and re-light all appliances that operate on natural gas.

Our authorized contractors also handle yard cleanup as the project progresses -- and when it’s time for a final cleanup.

How much time it takes to complete each project varies based on the size of the project, weather and other factors, but please know that we make every effort to complete each project as quickly as possible.

If pipeline replacements are happening in your neighborhood, and you haven’t received any information, please call (404) 584-3039 or email us at pipelinereplacements@aglresources.com. Click on the "Where Will We Be?" link at left to see the current schedule of pipeline replacements.