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Winter Weather Tips

Natural gas is American, abundant and affordable and remains the best value for your heating needs.

While natural gas prices have remained historically low, costs typically increase in the winter due to increased demand. Simply put, consumers use more natural gas when the weather is extremely cold. To help manage your winter heating bills, consider:


Safety Tips
  • Customers should never use natural gas appliances, such as the burners on a stove or ovens to heat their homes or businesses.
  • To ensure the safe, proper operation of natural gas appliances, such as a furnace and water heater, and to prevent a potentially hazardous buildup of carbon monoxide within your home, ensure that outdoor vent openings and air intakes are not obstructed by snow or ice.
  • If you suspect carbon monoxide is present in your home, immediately leave the area and call 911 from a safe location.
  • Avoid service disruption by brushing away snow or ice on the natural gas meter. Use a broom or your hand rather than a hard tool that could potentially damager the meter.